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At Brynwood Relationship Counseling, we specialize in helping people repair and rekindle their relationships.

If you've been wondering how to get the spark back, fall in love again, restore trust and minimize conflict, our experienced counselors can help.

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Renew - Rebuild - Reconnect


"You already know what dis-connects you: angry words, hostile moods, attitude, criticism. Any time you reduce those, you create the possibility for goodness to flow back into your relationship. When you want to re-connect with each other, there are two mai..."
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Don't Let Negativity Sink Your Relationship

" Before we know it, negativity can creep into the best relationships. It has a sneaky way of taking over. Have you experienced this? When things are not going well, or you're overtired, or it's that time of the month, it's all too easy to see ..."
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Resolving a Conflict

" Have you ever noticed that the word "resolve" includes the word "solve"? When you disagree, have different agendas, or apparently incompatible beliefs about the same situation, solvingthe problem is paramount. Or sometimes we call it..."
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